Happy Wheels is a graphics-based flash game that was recently released on the Internet. It was made to offer players with a unique game play experience and some have even said that it can become quite addictive. It is also important to state that Happy Wheels was also meant for those who are a bit familiar with the flash-gaming world. This is because it contains images of blood and guts at various stages. However, all this is represented in a skillfully designed manner that involves the use of basic physics and some wicked sense of humor.

The main control keys on the keyboard are the space bar, letter Z, Ctrl, shift, and the four arrows. For those who are not used to flash games, these controls can prove a bit difficult to handle on your first try, so you should give yourself time to get acquainted with them.

The game also has levels and a host of different characters that you can choose from based on your likes and preferences.