Gun Mayhem is a popular flash game produced by Armor Games. It's a very easy and fun survival games for ages of all types of people. The flash game includes 16 progressive levels with rich graphics and easy to use features. Each level is different in landscape and setting as the player tries to navigate their way through 3 dimensional graphics. Published May 20, 2011 this game has had over 8,968,784 plays, 6,003 ratings, and 2,789 favorites.

This flash game has different features and controls that help make the gun easier and more interesting to a variety of players. These features allow the flash game to support about 4 players at once, make use of over 60 different firearms, use 12 diverse maps to game on, a campaign mode that include a co op option, and customizable characters. The controls involve different ways to move such as the arrow keys, the left square bracket to shoot, and the right square bracket to throw bombs. These controls have the ability to be edited if there is an alternative way a gamer wishes to play.