Return Man 2 Mud Bowl

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Return Man 2 Mud Bowl

If you love Rugby or American Football, you will definitely love Return Man 2: Mud Bowl. The game is based on these sports, and as the name suggests, it happens in a field with mud traps and other challenges. It is developed from the original version of the game, and comes with more stages, levels, challenges, rewards and bonuses. In order to win and claim victory, you need to defeat the opposing team as it happens in sports.

The Goal
The goal of Return Man 2: Mud Bowl is to get to the end zone with the ball. You need to team up with your fellow players and come up with good strategies that will help you make successful runs. In most times, you will be required to run to the yellow circle and grab the ball then make the necessary moves. In order to avoid sticking in the mud, you need to pass the ball often or goal the bowl when there is a good chance.

Stages and Levels
As mentioned above, the game comes with 15 stages and each stage has a number of levels. You must complete levels in a stage to unlock the next stage. The game becomes harder as you move from one stage to another. The final stages are characterized by a lot of sliding and slipping, and in order to avoid these challenges, you need to dodge mud puddles, tackle the opposing players carefully and make quick runs to the end zone.

To direct your player, you are required to use the I, J, K & L buttons. To continue the game, you are supposed to press the spacebar. Other keys include: M for muting the sound effects, A for spinning, S for triggering speed burst and D for front flipping.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Return Man 2: Mud Bowl
- Collect the star and lightning bolt elements that appear on the field to earn more points and boost your speed. - Time yourself correctly when you want to stop at the yellow circle to avoid landing outside. - Use the special movies to avoid tight jams and tackles. - Avoid losing possessions to limit the number of times you lose the game.