Return Man 2

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Return Man 2

Return Man 2 is a sequel to the original ESPN Return Man, a skill and reflex based browser game that delivers an addictive and fun American Football experience. Taking the role of a linebacker, players are given the task of catching the opposing team’s kickoff and run it through to the end zone, while avoiding defenders and the opposing kicker. Simple in theory, the fast and responsive controls of this browser game make the practice of winning a challenging and engaging game.

Controls & Special Abilities With directional controls provided by the I,J,K and L keys, players must navigate to the catch zone represented by a yellow circle on the pitch to receive in time, using the locations and advancement of their teammates to tactically reach the end zone. Consisting of 15 stages, Return Man 2 offers players 4 possessions per stage, of which all must be completed successfully losing just one of these possessions by being tackled by an opposing defender will lose the entire stage, requiring a restart.

In addition to the basic controls, as the player progresses they are able to unlock a number of special moves that make progressing through the difficult later stages easier. The Spin special move unlocked in stage two allows player to throw off approaching defenders, while the stage 4 special move, called the Afterburner Special delivers a speed burst, propelling the player beyond the reach of opposition. Finally, stage 6 unlocks the Front Flip, launching players over the top of defensive linemen.

Tips & Tricks

If you’re having difficulty reaching that far-off end zone, there is a power-up booster located in the middle of the field, represented by a green and yellow lightning bolt. Use this sneaky trick to boost past slower defenders at high speed. Additionally, it’s important to take into account the inertial of your character on snowy fields, as they’ll slide around on the ice.