Linebacker 2

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Linebacker 2

Linebacker 2 is an extremely popular American football game. It is basically a modified version of Linebacker. The developers have made some updates and added several additional features to make this version more entertaining. In this game, you have to take the responsibility of scoring against your opponent all by yourself. However, you will have the support of four of your teammates who will try to protect you Defense is an important aspect of American football. This game will test you on your defensive skills. Your overall knowledge of the game will also play an important role.

How to play: Your main goal is to avoid your blockers while you run. As soon as you find a clear path, run at full speed towards the quarterback and try to stop him. You need to be extremely attentive and careful while playing this game. You have to closely monitor your opponent's movement and take advantage whenever possible. In some cases, you may also need to tackle your opponents. However, attack only when it is really necessary. As you level up, you will unlock more moves and skill sets which will make the game more entertaining. Points will also be awarded after the completion of each round.

Controls: The game is pretty easy to play. The instructions are clear and simple. The controls are also easy. You need to use the I,J,L and K keys to run. During tackles, you will have to use the Space Bar. And if you want to mute, press the M button.

Conclusion: Overall, Linebacker 2 is a very fun game to play. Even if you are not a big fan of American Football, you will definitely love this game. The graphics are really great. You will get a wide view of the entire playing field. The sound effects are also very impressive.