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Linebacker is the fourth installment in the Return Man series of football games and it does just what the title suggests. The American sports network ESPN produces this game dedicated to defensive play in American football. The point of the game is to keep the other team's runner from scoring.

About the Game:
This Flash-based game puts you in the shoes of an American football player who has one job – get the man with the ball. Expect game play to get tougher as time passes. As you progress through levels in the game, the opposing player gets better. However, your linebacker also becomes faster and your teammates become more effective. The other team's offensive players also become better at higher levels, so that sort of balances out any improvements on your own team.

It might help to be familiar with how defensive play works in American football before you begin. You don't need to really understand the rules of the game though. How to Play:
Avoid the guys protecting the runner and tackle the runner. That's about it. Use the arrow keys to move your player. If you prefer regular keyboard keys for some reason, the I,J,K,and L keys do the same thing. If you want to mute the game, which isn't particularly noisy, just hit the M key. Use the space bar to dive and tackle the runner as an alternative to running into him. The space bar also continues the game.

The game presents with the rules at the beginning. The rules are also available for reference while you play. This is a simple game that gets somewhat more challenging at higher levels.

Tips and Tricks:
You will need that diving tackle at higher levels. So, start using it as soon as possible. Simply running down the man with the ball remains an option of course. Remember to watch the offensive players who are trying to keep you away from the runner. They will make predictable efforts to block you, but they will get better as the game advances. There aren't really tips and tricks beyond that.